New cloth self-cleans by killing bacteria

Tossing clothes into the wash when dirty is so last year, thanks to a discovery by chemists out of the University of California at Davis. Near-ordinary cotton may simply need be exposed to light to get busy killing bacteria and breaking down toxic chemicals such as pesticide residues.image

Ning Liu, a doctoral student at UC Davis, worked with textile chemists Gang Sun and Jing Zhu to develop a method that incorporates a compound (2-AQC) into cotton fabrics. When exposed to light, it produces reactive oxygen species such as hydrogen peroxide that kill bacteria and break down toxins.

While Liu says 2-AQC is more expensive than other compounds, it is difficult to remove from cotton due to strong bonding, and cheaper equivalents should work, too.

"The new fabric has potential applications in biological and chemical protective clothing for health care, food processing, and farm workers, as well as military personnel," she says.

The team reported on its findings in the Journal of Materials Chemistry last month, shortly before another study out of the University of Iowa chronicled the vast presence of even drug-resistant disease-causing bacteria on hospital curtains.



Razer introduces Synapse 2.0

Razer also wants in on the cloud bandwagon with their latest release for gamers and gamers only – if you’re looking to stash all your extra files from your hard drive online, look somewhere else. We’re talking about the Razer Synapse 2.0 which is touted to be the world’s first application for storing your personalized peripheral settings in a cloud environment, so that your gaming settings are always accessible to you just about anywhere and anytime. This is clearly a vast improvement compared to the late 1990s when I carried around my Quake config file on a 3.5? disk so that I need not re-bind all the relevant keys with each new computer I use.


Glad to know that the next iteration of Synapse is an improvement over its predecessor, where that proved to be the world’s first onboard memory feature for gaming peripherals which was introduced half a decade ago. Basically, with version 2.0, you are now able to store gaming macros, key binds, and profiles directly to the cloud – letting you gain full access to your entire repertoire of peripheral hardware settings. Just make sure that there is a decent Internet connection in the vicinity before you are able to harness the power of Synapse 2.0, of course.

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Turn Any Pair of Glasses into a Heads Up Display

Putting vital performance stats where they're always visible, the Sportiiiis adds a simple heads up display to almost any pair of glasses so an athlete doesn't have to glance down at a wrist monitor or smartphone to know if they're keeping pace.


The HUD easily straps to the arm of a pair of glasses, positioning a thin boom just below the wearer's right eye. And instead of using a complicated, cluttered stats display that's projected onto the lens, or even directly into the eye, the Sportiiiis has a simple set of seven colored LEDs that light up and flash to indicate an athlete's performance.

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Fun and funky i Block Stereo Speaker Dock for iPods

Do you want a real fun and funky  dock for your iPOd? i Block Stereo Speaker is what you need.

i Block Stereo Speaker Dock for ipods

i Block Stereo Speaker design is inspired by toy building blocks for extra novelty appeal.

It features powerful stereo speakers with an Active Bass enhancement system to provide an excellent way to amplify any MP3 player.

The iBlock Speaker Dock is battery powered so you can take it with you wherever you go, or it can be powered by a 12V adaptor (not included).

Looking great on any desktop or shelf, this speaker is a fun alternative to the usual boring, conventionally styled electronics accessories that most people have.

i Block Stereo Speaker Features:

  • It’s compatible with iPods (1st-5th generation, Classic), iPod Nano (1st-4th generation), iPod Mini, iPod Touch (1st generation) and also the iPhone, iPod Touch (2nd Generation), iPod Shuffle and other MP3 players via the 3.5mm jack output.
  • iPod recharging via dock

The price for i Block Stereo Speaker is £39.95 and is available at Gobaz.com.




Another Netbook ideal for travelers. With 9 Hour Battery Life. The N310 is one of the lightest netbooks in its 10.1" class, weighing just 2.8 pounds, but packed with the latest communications technology for maximum mobility and productivity on the move.

So you can carry less, but do more.

Samsung GO N310-13GB 10.1-Inch Midnight Blue Netbook - 9 Hour Battery Life Samsung GO N310-13GB 10.1-Inch Midnight Blue Netbook - 9 Hour Battery Life

An integrated 1.3-megapixel digital motion camera makes it easier than ever to keep in touch with friends and family, using video-conferencing or live messaging.

It features a smooth rectangular-shaped isolation keypad design giving you an attractive first impression. Its ergonomic design and optimized key spacing make working and communicating a much more pleasurable and productive experience, with fewer errors and faster typing speeds.

Uses Silver Nano Technology to coat the keyboard with incredibly small, nano-sized silver ion powder, which makes it impossible for bacteria to live and breed. So when you need to stay in touch, but want to make a good impression the N310 makes complete sense.

10.1 diagonal WSVGA (1024 x 600) Widescreen SuperBright Gloss LED Display Built-in.  1.3 Megapixel Webcamera Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 High Definition.  Audio Built-in Stereo Speakers (1.5W x 2).  802.11b/g Wireless LAN Bluetooth.  2.1 + EDR 10/100 Ethernet LAN.  3-in-1 Card Reader – SD, SDHC, MMC.

Samsung LED technology for the 10.1 display results in 33% brighter and uses less power than traditional LCD screen.

Unique anti-bacterial keyboard eliminates 99.9% of bacteria within 24 hours.  Ports – 3 x USB 2.0, Headphone out; Microphone-in, VGA, RJ-45

Approximate Unit Dimensions – 10.3 (W) x 7.3 (D) x 1.1(H). Approximate Unit Weight – 2.8 pounds.

Product Features and Technical Details

  1. 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor
  2. 1GB DD2R RAM
  3. 160GB Hard Drive
  4. Windows XP Home, Up to 9 Hours of Battery Life (6 Cell 8850mAh)
  5. 10.1" wide LED-backlit LCD display

Processor, Memory, and Motherboard

  1. Hardware Platform: PC
  2. Processor: 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron
  3. Number of Processors: 1
  4. RAM: 1000 MB
  5. RAM Type: SODIMM

Hard Drive

  1. Size: 160 GB
  2. Type: Serial ATA

Cases and Expandability

  1. Size (LWH): 1.1 inches, 10.3 inches, 7.3 inches
  2. Weight: 2.7 pounds



Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS Enabled Sport Watch


Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS Enabled Sport Watch

What is so special about it?

During a run, this slim, sleek watch accurately tracks distance, pace, calories, and displays it all on the easy-to-read screen. Tap or slide a finger around the innovative touch bezel to change information without fumbling for a button.

The optional foot pod can also be used to gather speed and distance information indoors. ANT+Sport wireless technology automatically transfers workout data to and from your computer when your device is within range.

No cables, no hookups, the data’s just there. Users can upload data to Garmin Connect, a web-based application that lets them analyze, share and store workouts. Zone training, heart rate zone training, supports 5 heart rate zones Compatible with GSC 10 speed/cadence bike sensor – monitor pedaling cadence and wheel speed.

Garmin Forerunner 405 GPS Enabled Sport Watch features

  1. time of day (12/24h),
  2. dual time zone, (day/date),
  3. daily alarm Training and
  4. motivational features – Virtual Partner, courses, workouts, goals
  5. GPS features – mark waypoints, back to start, save location
  6. ANT+Sport wireless technology lets you automatically transfer information back and forth between the watch and the PC
  7. Unit-to-unit – transfer workouts and locations to other Forerunner 405’s
  8. Dimensions – 45.75mm x 70.5mm x 16.4mm Weight – 2.11 ounces (60 grams)



    Sexy iPod Shuffle Speaker From Creative

    Here’s a different looking iPod Shuffle speaker dock from Creative.

    Looking like a steel wallet, the TravelSound i50 is certainly compact. There are four precision microdrivers and a digital amplifier to produce the sound and a single charge of the lithium-polymer rechargeable battery will give you a generous 21 hours of playback.

    A mini-USB port is featured for charging your player and the speakers, as well as transferring music. A mini LED display will let you know when the battery is full. It comes with a protective sleeve for the Shuffle, hand strap and USB cable.

    This is as cute a wee iPod speaker as we’ve seen and, although the volume on something this small won’t be blowing off any socks, knowing Creative the audio quality should be decent enough.